Part # CN30-16XR

16’ X 16’ Square – 3000 Lb Pre-Mesh Nylon Net

Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd manufactures the Pre-Mesh Nylon Nets from #60 Twisted Nylon twine that has been dyed black and tarred to extend the durability of the net. The diamond mesh size is based on a 2” Square/Diamond. Border and Cross ropes are made from ½” to 5/8” Polypropylene Rope depending on the SWL. The Pre-Mesh Underslung Cargo Nets are manufactured in two basic Safe Working Loads, 1500 Lb and 3000 Lb. For the 3000 Lb SWL Net we incorporate cross ropes that are spliced into the pick up corners for the additional strength.

Each Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd Underslung Pre-Mesh Cargo Net comes with an Individual Identity Ring, noting, Size, SWL, DOM, Serial Number and Name of Manufacturer.