GEM Air-Sea manufactures:

  • Underslung Cargo Nets
  • Rope Nets
  • Web Nets
  • Nylon Mesh





The following net types can be custom made to meet your individual requirements:

  • Safety Nets
  • Retention Nets
  • Deck Nets

Other benefits of our highest quality manufacturing process are:
  • All nets are 8 sided, 4 corner pick up
  • All cross ropes are locked to prevent slippage
  • All nets have one master ring and 3 hooks with safety latches
  • All GEM Nets are shipped in heavy vinyl storage bags
  • Nets can be field repaired with any rope of equal size and strength

Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd manufactures three different types of Underslung Cargo Nets, Rope, Web & Pre-Mesh Nylon Netting.

Underslung Cargo Nets are made in either a Square or 8 Sided configuration dependent upon customer’s preference.

All Nets have a four corner pick up, Three Hooks and a Master Ring, Serial Identity Tag and come in a Carrying Bag.

The Underslung Cargo Nets are available In a variety of Sizes and SWL, from 1500Lbs To 10,000 Lbs and Sizes of 10’ X10’ to 30’ X 30’

Dependent upon customer requirements.