Amsteel Blue Synthetic Long Lines

A twelve strand braided rope of Dyneema SK-75 fiber with Samthane coating. Amsteel Blue yields the maximum in strength to weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope constructions, yet it floats.



  • Stronger than wire
  •  Same elongation as wire
  •  Extremely light
  •  Non-rotational
  •  Class 2-12 Strand Splice

ALL Long Lines manufactured by GEM AIR-SEA SYSTEMS LTD are built with a 5-1 Safety factor, Tested, Certified & pre-stretched. Under the pre-stretch each Long Line is held under load for 15 Minutes. Each Long Line is tagged with the SWL on the Thimble and a Certificate of Proof of Test that corresponds with the tag. All Long lines are pulled to 2.5 times the SWL.

We manufacture Long Lines in the following standard sizes:

      1. 3/8″ SWL: 3680 Lbs.
      2. 1/2″ SWL: 6265 Lbs.
      3. 5/8″ SWL: 10,600 Lbs.
      4. 3/4″ SWL: 12,500 Lbs.
      5. 7/8″ SWL: 17,000 Lbs.

*Other rope sizes are available upon Customer request.

ALL Long Lines are protected with a durable Polyester Single Seamless Cover with a pocket for wire cable. Protective colours available are Orange & Red. The cover is manufactured in a method that allows for easy access to the line for regular inspection. End covers are installed on both ends of the line to offer maximum protection to the thimble ends.