Part # CNR50-16-8

16’ X 16’ X 8 sided -5000 Lb Rope Underslung Cargo Net


Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd manufactures it’s Rope Underslung Cargo Nets from  ½” to 3/8” Polypropylene Rope with either a 6” or 8” Centers depending on the size of Net. The nets are light but strong, easy to handle and come in a convenient carrying bag. Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd’s Underslung Cargo Nets can be purchased either Square or 8 Sided.


Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd Underslung Rope Cargo Nets are made in a knotless configuration and are hand tied. Cross Ropes are locked to prevent slipping. Each net has a Master Ring with 3 Eye hooks. Nets are able to be “Field Repaired” with Rope of equal size and strength. Each Gem Air-Sea Systems Ltd Underslung Rope Cargo Net comes with an Individual Identity Ring, noting, Size, SWL, DOM, Serial Number and Name of Manufacturer